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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lame donkey?

This morning doing chores I noticed that the white donkey was not putting one of his hooves down.  I guess it was good that it was Tuesday. Our vet has other regular visits in this area on Tuesdays. I called as soon as the were open to get on his schedule. 
Donny and Danny after the vet visit
Dale left for work about 20 minutes before the vet stopped by. So I  had to help hold the donkey while the vet worked on the hoof.  It ended up that he has a cyst. The vet gave him a shot, wrapped it up in a medicated wrap. It was a 30 minute workout on this hot and humid day.
My green wrap matches the grass!
On the way through the barn, I noticed one of the mama cats loving on her baby kitten. Warms your heart!  Doesn't it?
Loving on kitten

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