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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

5 weeks old and Spunky

Born on July 19th, this kitten and it's mom stayed in the same spot for several days. I was surprised that the mother allowed me to play with the kitten.
kitten Spunky less than 24 hours
For three days in a row, I  asked the mama cat when she was going to bring her baby back inside. Yeah, like she understood that!  But then again ... the baby showed up on Tuesday at 5 weeks old.
Mama and Kitten Spunky (5 weeks old)
For only 5 weeks old it has quite a defensive attitude. I've been picking it up playing with it to get used to humans. But it is still very hissy.
The safe place for kittens in the barn
It was only in the barn for two days. We think that the mama cats take the kittens in the woods for mousing.  They often disappear at least one day a week. 

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