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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

An insight into my sight

I used my lunchtime today to paint a picture.  I used charcoal pencils to sketch an outline and water colors for the actual painting.
The wood-grain man
So what was my inspiration?  This obviously isn't a real person.  My upstairs bathroom is very small. My knees almost touch the cabinet doors and I have short legs. The grain on the cabinet door reminds me of a face.
The original wood-grain man
I started by doing a rough draft sketch. That gave me a feel of proportion.  I wanted to portray the distorted length that matches the grain of the cabinet. 
Draft sketch of the wood-grain man
For those people who find it too difficult to compare the views one above the other, I stuck the painting to the left of the panel. That was a fun and challenging lunch break.
Wood-grain man and inspiration

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