Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Late summer garden duties

All summer Dale has been talking about expanding the garden.  He was pushing me over the weekend to tell him what parts of the garden was harvested enough for the first fall tilling.  There were two small portions that were ready.  BUT since he had the tractor tiller out, I flagged him to the extension.  
Dale breaks ground
The garden is now about 1/3 longer than what it was before.  Looking straight across at the neighbors apple tree that was the South end of the garden before.  That should give us enough extra room for me to plant a few rows of cotton next year!  :^)
New full size garden
The Northern most section of the garden is where the Rhubarb, strawberry and peony bushes are planted.  Since that area will not be tilled, I have decided to put a layer of straw over top of it.  That is a trick that often works for helping to keep weeds under control.
Straw base for next year

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