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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, January 9, 2017

Using my Copper Chef as a fryer

This is the first time that I have set up my Copper Chef Square Pan for deep frying. With only two of us at home, the deep frying feature probably isn't one that we will use very often.
Fried Fish
Our neighbor gave us a some fish and Dale prefers them fried. I decided that was the perfect time to try out the square cooker as a deep fryer.
Ready to use the fryer option
It worked well. I only wish that I had more to fry.  I loved not having to splash drop the fish in the oil. I loved lifting the basket instead of trying to see and catch the fish floating in the oil.
Give me some sizzle!
In the end we had a well-balanced meal: deviled eggs, deep fried fish and baked pork chops. I don't think that I forgot anything. I think that I should try a life as a dietitian!  LOL
A balanced meal ... each protein takes up 1/3 of the plate

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