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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why the difference egg shell colors?

At 10 o'clock is the white shell, then at 2 the brown shell egg and at 6 the green shelled egg. To help answer this question, I took 3 eggs (jumbo, large and small) that Dale picked today and prepared them side by side. 

Farm Fresh Jumbo, Large & Small eggs
Some people say that the yolks are different colors. The variations of yolk color is dependent upon the feed.  All the chickens at our farm are on the same feed program and therefore have the same yolk color.
Eggs from shells that are white, brown & green
I usually don't cook my eggs over easy or medium. But, today I wanted the yolks of these three to run together just to prove that the colors are the same.  I kept the shell colors segregated in the same sequence. 
The shell color doesn't make a difference
The difference between the shell colors has to do with the breed of the chicken. Dale purchased some longhorn chickens. They are older and are laying Jumbo and Super Jumbo white eggs. The chickens that we hatched last spring are young and they lay small brown and green shelled eggs. I guess it is similar to people that have different hair color, eye color and skin color.
Hurry up in there!
The white chickens are the longhorn chickens. We have a total of 7 nests available.  When I took this picture 2 nests were open but this lady was waiting for hers to clear.

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