Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Spinning fun

Just to remind you what the top of my drop spindle looks like. This is important because it is always a challenge for me to efficiently remove the spun yarn from the drop spindle.
Drop Spindle
I walked through Hobby Lobby Saturday. I was buying picture frames for some recent painting. I took my drop spindle with as I wanted to create something to hold it when winding off. 
Spindle Un-winder
Would have you thought of using a birdhouse to make a spindle holder? The top of the spindle was a perfect fit in the door of the birdhouse. The perch and the roof created good guides. The perch was missing so I lengthen it and added another tall support by the roof-line. 
Yarn Winder
The yarn wound up well.  It weighed up to 2 ounces. I wish that I had time to sit at the spinning wheel and really crank out some good yarn!
Another 2 ounces of yarn!
But every little bit counts.

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