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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Old wives tales

There are conflicting wives tales. One talks about the way you end your year  goes with you through the New Year. The other one refers to if the year ends in a bad note the New Year is sure to start out good.
We went up North to Dad's to celebrate Christmas on New Year's eve. My sister, Tabatha, came up with her husband and youngest son.  My brother, Troy, came up with his roommate. With 3 painters coming up, we decided to bed the year painting.  (Okay, I  suggested it and the others agreed.)
Cotton Pickin'
I have been wanting to paint a collage "Cotton Pickin'" for a couple of years. So that is the first thing that I painted. Then the morning of December 31st, the sun rose with a tower of light.
Sunrise 12/31/16 - Inspiration
That became an inspiration photo for another painting. I think that I'm going to cut the edges off so this becomes a vertical painting instead of horizontal (done).
Sunrise from inspirational morning view
Up to this point, I had been using watercolors more like oil paints. Since I wanted to use them like watercolors, I decided to paint a flower.
This bud's for you
Dale forwarded me a photo of an eagle by a mountain lake.  He expressed his desire to have this on his wall.  So that was my last inspiration.
Another inspirational photo
I love painting scenery. Lately I've been trying to expand my horizons by painting more animals. Maybe I'll try people next but the eyes are so challenging.
The Eagle over the Mountain Lake

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