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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Praying for a Van

I talked with a woman this evening that is praying for a van. Her son is making an impact. He has a tendency of making friends with troublemakers in school. Pretty soon, they are going to youth group with him. Their small car is loaded to the max.
And he has more friends that want to join him at youth group. I've heard that 2 of the boys just this week committed their lives to the Lord!  AMEN! 

Then there is his fight with the school.  The Muslims from Somalia are allowed to bring their religious traditions in to the school but he is not allowed. 

To top it off, the science teacher is teaching creation of the Earth over millions of years. So in the principal's office today the young boy spoke up and asked "Have you seen my friends that are going to youth group with me? Have you noticed the change in them? That is what my belief is about. And this teacher is teaching against my religious belief when they try to tell me the Earth was created over millions of years." 

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