Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, January 2, 2017

Painting with a prodigy

Ray is one of those guys. He hasn't painting much since college. He is older than I am and still he was painting circles around me. The first challenge was find an inspiration that you want to paint. 
Ray's first creation of the day - fan tail goldfish
He wanted to paint the same thing. Or at least use the same inspiration. This was his painting from the sunrise with a light pillar.
Winter Sunrise
He seemed to be done painting when I was at the point that I wanted to paint a flower. I kept painting while he was socializing. Then the competition monster came out and the challenge was on. I had painted a flower .... without him!
I went on to Dale's challenge when Ray finished the Peony. He had me forward the picture to him. He chose to focus on the Eagle.
The Hunter
It was fun spending the day painting. Each of us had different styles of painting. We were also at different levels of expertise. But in the end, we all enjoyed the challenge. We ended our 2016 with creativity! 

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