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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Not your mama's hotdish/goulash

There have been times that I'd like to go on Chopped. I'm known for pulling together a lot of random foods and creating a flavorful meal.  But then again, I have a reasonable mix of foods for the meal.  They are always throwing foods together that should not belong together.  
I started out by making a box of stuffing according to the directions.
Prepare box stuffing
Then in a separate pan I took a pound of ground pork with garlic, onions and Italian seasoning and browned it allowing the seasonings to infuse into the meat.
Browning the meat
I sliced and diced half a kohlrabi that was left in the refrigerator and needed to get used up.  If you can't tell by now, I decided to make a dish that was created from food in the cupboards, freezer and refrigerator that needed to get used up.
Kohlrabi added to the pan for cooking
I took the stuffing mix and spread it out on the bottom of my glass cake pan.  It didn't quite cover the bottom but that didn't bother me.  There was plenty food getting ready to go into the pan.
Begin layering the flavors
Zucchini is under rated.  There are so many places that this fruit can be added to dishes.  I had shredded zucchini so I decided to scatter a layer over the stuffing.
Shredded zucchini
Over the shredded zucchini, I put the layer with kohlrabi and sausage.
Kohlrabi and ground sausage
TI continued my layers by adding tomatoes and broccoli.  My refrigerator was beginning to empty faster and faster.
Broccoli and tomato
I need to admit.  I had purchased the mushrooms.  Most of the rest of the food was from the farm.  But mushrooms are one area that I don't attempt to grow or harvest.
I think one important part of a hot dish is cream of soup.  Isn't that a staple when it comes to hot dishes?
Cream of Soup
Another staple is that you cook it at 375 degrees for an hour or until golden brown.  The last 15 minutes you take the tinfoil off and put Durkee onions across the top for an extra "crispy crunch".
Durkee Onions
Ta-da!  It was finally ready to eat.  The layers of flavor were fabulous.  This definitely was not my mothers hot-dish!.
Hot dish

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