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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, August 21, 2016

A simple salsa

I decided to make a small amount of salsa this weekend. Because of my allergy to bell peppers, I can't buy most salsas in the stores.
Homemade salsa
I didn't use a recipe. I just added stuff and tasted it. Then I added just a little bit more. So follow along and this is what I did.
I blanched my tomatoes. That makes the skins peel right off. These were pretty meaty tomatoes so there wasn't a lot of extra juice.
White onions
I finely chopped a good size white onion. Then I finely chopped a small red onion. Eventually I stopped two more small red onions.
Red Onions
I purchased some cilantro in order to give it just a little bit of pizzazz. I'm not one that likes a really hot salsa.
I added one lemon worth of juice and one line worth of juice. After that was mixed in I added 2 teaspoons of pickling salt.
Lemon and Lime
Of course nothing is finished without garlic. Lots and lots and lots of garlic. I took two full bulb of garlic and broke down all the cloves then finely chop them and added them to the salsa.
That was when the taste-testing started. I had added more onions and garlic until I was finally pleased with the taste. Then I began the canning process. I kept almost to quarts for myself packaged in pint size jars.
Fresh Salsa here I come!
Then I added 3 teaspoons of Mrs. Dashes hot and spicy seasoning. I was out of lids so I put them in quart jars. I will can them tomorrow for Dale. That way he can taste it before I seal the jars.
Ooops, I dropped a few things
Anyone who knows me is not surprised by the look of the floor under my feet. Yeah it needs washing. I have to be the messiest cook on earth. But it taste good!

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