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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

I took three showers tonight

Okay to be fair, I GOT two showers and TOOK a third. 

To start at the beginning.  Dale took the Dogs to the Lake today and the wind was blowing into shore.  With the hot humid week, that meant that the shore line was green and stinky.  Dale didn't see the girls run into the lake or along the shore but they also run in tall grass at the edge of the park.  They came home stinking terribly. 

To top it off, Dale had a pale of corn for the squirrels that had been uncovered during the last week with day after day of rain.  Have you ever smelled rotten silage?  The back yard was smelling of some very ripe silage and the smell was sneaking into the house.

Duchess and My Jenny hadn't had a bath since mid winter.  They swim all the time and they haven't been too stinky, until today.  For some reason, I usually give the girls their baths/showers.  My Jenny was the first.  When I closed the bathroom door, she put on the breaks.  It takes me longer to get her into the tub than it does to give her the shower. She actually takes a shower very well.  She stands nice in the tub and doesn't try to jump out.  That being said, washing a big dog in the shower, I do end up wet.

My Jenny was done with her shower and half dried when I opened the bathroom door with the towel wrapped around her.  She walked out like a princess; then she started prancing and dancing around.  "Look at me! I'm clean! Don't I smell nice? Come on, let's play! Huh, can we? can we? Let's play!" I told Dale that I think she was tired of her own stink.

So I tested out the theory and gave Duchess a shower.  She was slightly more cooperative getting in but still put on the brakes.  When she got out, it was a repeat of My Jenny from princess to wild woman.  The two of them pranced and dashed around Dale's place like they haven't played together in months.  I think they were both tired of their own stink. 

I got a shower with My Jenny and a shower with Duchess, and then it was time for my own personal shower.  Now, at the end of a perfectly beautiful day, the three ladies are smelling sweet.  Too bad there is no place to go. 

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