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Friday, June 21, 2013

Batton down the hatches!

I woke up Friday morning and my grill cover was off the grill, across the lawn and sitting in the grass next to the sidewalk.  I'm not sure what trip this cover took but looking at the scuff marks, either something big knocked it off or maybe it was tossed into the road and someone threw it on the yard?
Scuffed Lid
Compared to the down trees, power outages and all the destruction across the state.  I was protected. According to the news reports, these storms could bubble up every evening or night.

Thursday night it came in the middle of the night.  It knocked power out to about 150,000.  By Friday evening about 75,000 people were without power until the next round of storms went through and it is once again about 150,000 people without power.  I thought they were going to put all the power lines under ground to avoid trees going down and causing power outages.  Instead, I'm seeing more and larger above ground power lines.

Flash Flooding
 About 7PM Friday evening, the rain was coming down so hard that about three inches of rain flowed down the streets like a river.  Now let's be real here.  There are more and more houses; tar roads, and sidewalks.  They all block the rain from its natural pathway.  Little by little we infringe on nature, and these storms  become more and more destructive.  I'm hearing "flash-flooding" in the news more and more every year.  Because the storms are getting worse? Or is it because people are making too big of a footprint on this world in the desire of "acquiring more."

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