Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, June 8, 2013


Weekend days can be so exhausting!

I was hoping to sleep in this morning but my eyes popped open just before 6:30 AM.  I tried to turn over and go back to sleep but it wasn't going to happen.  I got up and walked into the kitchen area and soon after heard a tiller running.  (Dale's tiller was temporarily being stored in my car port.)

I got My Jenny (the dog) out of bed and let her out.  I told her to go find Grandpa.  It didn't take her a few seconds to figure out where he was at.  I quickly changed out of my nightgown and put on outside clothes.  Dale's niece had called and needed both tillers and his help possibly putting a fence around the new garden.  I had told him that I would take the dogs for the day.  So once the tillers were loaded on the trailer, we got the dogs inside my house so that he could take off.  Then the day began:

8:00 AM Chiropractic appointment
9:00 AM leaving town, stopped and talked to a friend going in for surgery in 9 days to have a section of his colon removed due to a confined spot of cancer - Pray for A.D.
9:45 AM drive thru breakfast for me with two plain eggs for the dogs.
10:00 AM drop off the car for an oil change.
10:15 AM Help pick out an Alto Sax (I'm giving my nephew 7 lessons for his birthday present this year.)
11:00 AM Help my sister pick out computer software for graphic design. (She will be helping design the cover of my book, "The Man I Was").
11:45 AM Pick up car; let the dogs out to go potty (they were with me not in the car during the oil change); Head towards church to do the accounting. 
12:00 (noon) Let the Dogs run in the open field behind the church before doing the deposit at church and chatting with a couple of people.
1:10 PM Drive thru the bank.
1:25 PM Go to Sam's Club (re-newed the membership but at a lower level.  I "tried out" a special club that they offered at 100% guaranteed.  I got my money back on that and it was enough to pay for this years membership fees.)  Shopped!
2:00 PM Changed from Sam's Club to Cash Wise shopped some more.
2:25 PM Finally DONE! and Heading home. 
I stopped on the way home to let the dogs run again.  When we got home almost everything was unloaded and all three of us laid down on Dale's bed and took a nap.  He was still over working at his nieces.  Up and down a couple of times, we rested for about two hours.  Then it was time to go over to the park.  The city was having a fundraiser for the pool.  Pork chops were being grilled down by the Fire Hall; and one of the owners of a local restaurant was helping serve up the sides of coleslaw, pork and beans and potato chips. 

I can say anything except, "where did the day go?" It went wild and a little bit everywhere!  Dale was exhausted from his day and both dogs decided to come home with me tonight.  It works better when they are split but I guess they were missing me.

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