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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Do you stomp on your food?

As I was driving down the highway this afternoon, some cows caught my eye. I looked off to the South side of the road and there in the pasture, belly high in grass were about a dozen cows. 

The farmer most likely has rotating summer pastures.  The cattle are let out in one until they eat the grass down to nubbles.  By that time one of the other fields have regrown and are ready for the cattle. 

But they don't stand by the edge and eat their way in! They stomp down their food and go randomly into the middle of the pasture. Then they start eating.  Eat a little bit and stomp down more grass going to another spot to eat. 

Do we do that to ourselves?  In our hurry to get something we think we want, we tromple across the span without regard to how we might benefit from everything under our feet on the way.

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