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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This spring I went into my 9X9 lean-to on the North side of my house to get the lawn mower out.  It was leaking like a sieve.  Dale checked it out inside and out and there were a few issues:
  • That section obviously wasn't shingled when the main roof was done.
  • when they shingled the roof the used old, bad shingles. 
  • The drainage spout for the gutters from the main roof goes down the middle of the roof.
  • The guys found out there was nothing consistent about the roof.

Cell Photo by Trisha Field
Dale starting to remove shingles
Today Dale and his friend Tom, who used to be a contractor, re-shingled the tiny roof.  The roof broke in where Tom was standing. He was okay but that was obviously where it was leaking. I didn't use the lawn mower or snow blower last year because Dale always beat me to it.  I'm pretty sure this was a problem last year too. 

Cell photo by Trisha Field
The problem spot
Parts of the roof didn't have ply board. So the added some there and replaced the rotted sheet.  They also put down Ice and Water as you can see, there is not a good slope so it does build up with ice in the winter time.

The main roof looks good. So I'm guessing they skipped the tiny shed to save money. Houses are nice but there is always something causing a challenge.

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