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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blown Away!

I took the dogs out to the lake alone today.  There was a periodic breeze in town making it a beautiful and comfortable day. When we got out of the car at the lake - Whoa Nelly!

Cell Photo by Trisha FIeld
Blown Away at Clear Lake
I was almost blown away and I'm large enough never to be blown away! It was almost cold with the wind blowing in across the lake.  With that said, it was very peaceful and beautiful out there. I passed several celebrations on the out, graduation parties, anniversaries, and birthday parties.  That was keeping everyone else away.
White Caps on Clear Lake
I was amazed watching the white caps and looking across the lake I saw about a half dozen boats.  Personally, I think they were taking a pretty big risk but I've noticed fishermen have a different idea of what is risky.
Clear Lake, Watkins, MN 6/29/2013

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