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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Foodies Heaven!

I have confessed many times that I do NOT like shopping.  So I am going to shock all of you when I tell you that two of my co-workers wanted to go shopping after work and I went with them.  The caveat was that one employee said that everything in the store was 50% off and I don't mind people watching.  I am in need of (okay so I wanted) a new summer shirt to go with my dress pants for work. 

We started out at Coldwater Creek.  I tried on a couple of shirts and they just didn't fit right.  There was a really cute skirt but when I felt the fabric, I knew that I would be irritated with it very quickly.  So I sat in the entry way, talking on my phone while watching the other shoppers.  (People watching is a valid reason for shopping.)  There was one shirt that kept catching my eye.  So at the end of the conversation, I tried on that shirt.  It was okay but as I walked out to show my co-workers, Tammy stepped out and had on a shirt that wasn't working for her but I thought, "oh, where did she find that it is so cute!" But before I could get the words out of my mouth she said, "Trisha, you need to try on this shirt.  It would be perfect for you." It was and I bought it.

They also wanted to shop at Talbots.  I saw a pair of pants that I was interested in but they had two sizes smaller than mine and two sizes larger than mine but not mine.  There wasn't anything else that interested me.  Too many stripes and patterns going the wrong way! That is a pet peeve of mine.  Although, I did see this gem.

Cell Photo by Trisha Field
Bumble Bee Earrings
I've been looking for these for a long time.  Good bumble bee earrings are very difficult to find.  They won't be for me.  They are a gift for some one that really likes bumble bees after hearing Mamie McCullough.

The last store that we went to was Cocoa Dolce (artisan chocolates) because it was 100 degrees here and we wanted to make sure that the chocolates didn't melt. I haven't tried any of the chocolate that I bought yet because I am still full from supper.  We were on a mission looking for good steaks.  We ended up at Redrock Canyon Grill.  Where two of us has steak and salad.  The menu had steak served with a potato and the veggie of the day (which has peppers).  My co-worker had them substitute a salad for the potato and veggies, and I followed suit.  I'm learning to order what I want - good idea. At the end of the meal, I turned down dessert.  The other two decided to order. 

Cell Photo by Tammy
A Foodies Heaven!
Our mouths dropped when the waitress brought the desserts.  She had said that the chocolate dessert was about two inches.  We decided she meant, two inches of ice-cream between two inches of a rich chocolate cake, underneath two inches of thick, rich whipped cream almost whipped to sweetened butter with chocolate and homemade caramel topping drizzled over top of it.  The pineapple upside down cake was in its own container, an oval about six inches long and melted like warm butter in your mouth.  The waitress neglected to tell us that one dessert was big enough to feed 3-4 people!  

There were no words when the spoon entered my mouth. The meal was good but the dessert was above and beyond anything I've eaten recently. 

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