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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, January 11, 2013

January Thaw

A common string of several days in January above freezing.  Not just a few hours but long enough to significantly decrease the snow cover.   It reminds me of an indian summer; those warm days after the first heavy frost. And that last strange snowstorm that comes after the winter snows are melted.  We are only missing one season...not! There are plenty of cold snaps that flow through in the early summer.

Weather has its general rules of nature.  But for every rule is an exception.  And the exception of this week has been a wonderful break to winter.  As Dale said, "These warm days make the winter shorter."

I don't use salt or chemicals on the lawn where there are icy patches.  Instead, I use crushed shells.  It helps the icy spots and in the spring it adds nutrition for the lawn. 

Dale has put his caddy up for sale. He parked it in the garden.  Then the big snow dropped and it wasn't going to move for a long time.  Today was that long time.  He barey got it out.  But it is in a garage where he can detail it and get it more ready for sale. 

Now we are ready for winter.

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