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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, January 19, 2013


Do I need to get anything when I go to town?
Yea, stop by the bank and bring me a million dollars back. 
For Christmas 2011 I gave him 100,000 (a tin of hundred grand candy bars.)  At Cracker Barrel restaurant I found a million dollar candy bar. So I had just had to buy it.  Now I can tell him, I've brought him his million dollars.  Tee hee

Cell Photo by Trisha Field
Million Buck's worth of Chocolate

I sat down and looked at my budget.  I have paid off a couple of debts this year and with my new job I have more money.  Looking at take home pay by percentages. 
16% is going to savings (11% Roth IRA, 5% regular savings)
13% is food (groceries and eating out)
13% is extra money going towards early mortgage reduction
10% Home Mortgage/home improvement loan
10% God
  9% Car Loan
  7% Gasoline
  4% Heat/Electricity
  3% to pamper the dogs
  2% Car Insurance
13 % spread out to sewer &  water, garbage, cleaning supplies, non-grocery purchases, gifts, clothing, entertainment, medical deductible and co-pays and other things that only come up periodically.

My goal for a Roth IRA and savings account I to have a base of 3 months expenses and then begin saving to buy a couple pieces of furniture, some home repairs, a vacation and the publication of my second novella, "The Man I Was".  Basically as I pay off loans I want to implement the practice of saving and paying cash.

If I can keep paying off my debts ahead of schedule, my car and basic home mortgage will be paid off in three years and the home improvement loan in four years. (The money paying off the car and home mortgage is 26% of my take home pay. As I am able, I can apply that to the home renovation loan so that it is paid off sooner.) 

On paper it sounds so easy.  But if I don't watch out that 13% on he bottom of the list can turn into a money eating beast. 

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