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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How are your birdhouse gourds?

I tried to post this last night and it got caught in never land.

If you have never dried these before, you are most likely grossed out by now.  If kept in the house, they mold all over everything.

Most of my gourds are drying in my carport.  It is okay for them to freeze, thaw, re-freeze and thaw over and over again.  My carport is covered by a piece of heavy duty canvas that only stops the need to scrape off the vehicle windows.  That isn't much protection for the gourds.  You can see how the outer shells are developing their character. 

I didn't have enough room in the carport so I left six outside by the trellis.  They can be seen poking through the snow.  But what is that? Something is happening to one of them.  That something is my "one brave bunny". Now you know...bunnies also like bird house gourds (before they have dried.)  

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