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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Biking Weather

15 degrees, snow on the ground sounds like perfect biking weather.

I was driving home the back way because the highway had a string of drivers going five miles under the speed limit. The back way is full of curves and no passing zones.  But there is a very slim risk of slow driving "farm equipment" at this time of year.  So I was surprised to see this scene.

The things that hit me about this was that it was WAY TOO COLD to be out on the back road pumping peddles. Do you notice that they are in a tight pack?  They did not appear to vary at any point and time. Synchronized bycicling?

Cell Photo by Trisha Field
Double take 01/27/2013
In the summertime, there are often various biking events on the back roads. It is rare to see two people side by side.  So this pack of six, that even hearing a car approaching stayed in exact formation was unusual. 

Cell Photo by Trisha Field
Biking in Minnesota in January?
I do confess that after passing them I thought, they'd better hide their identities drom the government or they will have their guns taken away.   Those nine people have at least one cog missing after all; it is 15 degrees without the wind chill.

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