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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Time to start over....

January first is know for a day of new beginnings.  Ironically, it is a relatively random day that was chosen for the beginning of the calendar.  Why didn't they choose April 1st?  After all our "Fools day" is set in the time of year where winter is melting away and the first flowers are ready to bloom.  The world in the Northern Hemisphere is coming into it's new beginning. 

That was my odd thought for the day.  We need to push our minds and allow odd thoughts.  ....because they could just be the basis of creativity and new inventions. 

Photo by Trisha Field
I started off my new year being creative.  There weren't good dreaming clouds so I had to find an old picture.  Doesn't this look like a dog.  He is facing the left.  His ear is pointy and he has a bit of a beard under his chin. 

Actually I finished reviewing and rewriting the first 16 chapters of my next Novella.  "The man I was" about a man who has an accident while bicycling and ends up with amnesia.  I am working on the finale of the book.  You see it is more than just figuring out who he is.  Life circumstances change us all.  Sometimes very little at a time over a number of years.  Other times something big happens that makes a drastic change in our lives.  Somehow, we reconcile who we were to who we are in order to move forward with our lives.  Is that easier or harder to do for someone that has amnesia? 

I am so excited.  I am close to the end.  This is when it becomes invigorating to write.  I get wrapped up in the story as I wrap everything up.  My personal goal is to publish the Novella sometime this spring. 

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