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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, January 7, 2013

A Gorgeous day!

Yes, today is an absolutely perfectly gorgeous day! (Written Saturday) The sun was out yesterday and that meant some of the snow melted.  As it cooled overnight the moisture in the air crystallized onto the trees.  I received a phone call from Dale just before 08:00 AM.  It is Saturday, who sees that time of day on a Saturday?   I guess someone that goes to sleep between eight and nine at night.

After getting the first load of laundry done, I went over to Dale's place and made myself an egg on bread in the microwave for breakfast then loaded the two dogs into the car.  Then we took off down highway 55 very slowly, pulling off to the side of the road frequently. 

Photo by Trisha Field
Frosty Fantasy
There are a lot of Snowmobile trails in this part of the country and on such a beautiful day, there were many people enjoying the weather.  But the thought crossed my mind, how much different is it riding on an open snowmobile in the winter than on a motorcycle (for the cold factor at least.) 

Photo by Trisha Field
Fun in the Minnesota Sun

The deep blue sky as a backdrop and the brilliant sunshine hitting the frost causing it to glitter is the perfect setting for a wonderful outside day.  When I switched from taking pictures towards the North to taking them towards the South, I realized that the moon was still visible.  A faded half moon looking so close that you could climb the tree and pull it down like you were picking an apple.

Photo by Trisha Field
Will you climb the tree and give me the moon?
I wrote most of this on Saturday and was unable to publish it because of technical problems uploading the photos.  I finally had to e-mail the photos to myself then download them onto my Kindle Fire.  From there I was able to upload them onto the blog.  But the Kindle is very cumbersome to maneuver the photos around, so I saved it and finished it up on my computer.  What a hassle.  I hope they have the upload feature fixed soon so that I can give you more than the low quality cell phone pictures.

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