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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Soup Chickens

Dale went to his brother's yesterday and helped butcher chickens.  Not the kind of chickens raised for their tender chicken breasts.  These were birds that had little meat and what meat there is happens to be tough.  Good really only for making soup.

Last night before bed, we put a chicken in the crock pot to cook overnight.  Dale de-boned it after it had cooled this morning.  This afternoon I picked through what he left in the bowl and picked out about a third which includes bones, skin and fat.

Cell photo by Trisha Field
 Sauteed vegies
Before I started cutting up he chicken, I sauteed an onion in a stick of butter.  I added garlic, celery and carrots to it for flavor. Then I added three fourth's cup of flour and two cups milk as I turned off the heat. At the same time I cooked 2 cups of rice. A mix of 2 kinds of wild rice and a small bit of long cooking white rice.

In a BIG kettle, I put 2 cups recaptured juice from baking the chicken and 3 cups Swansons brand. The sauteed vegies and thickening mixture along with every piece of chicken meat that I could find.  After seasoning with ground pepper salt. In the end we had some very tasty  homemade chicken wild rice soup.

Cell phone pic by Trisha Field
Homemade Chicken Wild Rice Soup

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