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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Mama's nesting

Last weekend Dale set up the puppy bed. Duchess knows that it is getting closer to puppies being delivered. About once a day she sneaks in and lays down on the bed.

Cell photo by Trisha Field
Mama's nesting
Today, she also started nesting in Dale's bed.  She always delivers on her own bed, she sleeps nights at my house (until she's closer to delivering), but she tears the bedding off from Dale's bed and rumples it into a big ball in the middle of the bed. 

Cell Photo by Trisha Field
Puppy Bump

She is filling out well.  We give her about a 1 inch strip of raw liver every day to help her iron levels above and beyond her normal eating plan. It is only 2 to 3 more weeks and the puppies will be born. 

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