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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Trip for Alfalfa

We pulled into a nearby farm where we were going to pick up some bales of alfalfa and grass combined. I was supposed to be paying attention to the bales.  Instead, I was distracted by the dozen peacocks.
They were high up in the rafters of the pole barn. Justin said that they didn't raise them but they often had stray peacocks show up at their place.
I had seen a peacock fly off the fence and into the pasture. I wanted to get a picture  so I walked up to the fence.  Instead of seeing the peacock, I saw a this huge white bull. 
Teddy Bear - Bull?
I am not sure that the photo shows the drama of this bull.  He was HUGE!  His people told me that he is six years old and there was no doubt about it that he was a big boy.  He was at the edge of the fence when I walked over. But then he ran to the middle of  the pasture.  The little chicken!My 
Oh yeah, Bull
Yes, in my typical style my ADHD is showing in the order that I took these pictures.  This is what we came over here for the bales.  Dale wants to supplement our beef cattle with alfalfa.  He is down with his foot and I knew that it was difficult for him to stay at home.  My nephew came over with his truck and pulled the wagon full of bales back to the farm. Thanks Nickolai!
Alfalfa and grass mixture

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