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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, April 16, 2016

This buds for you ...

Ready, set, allergy season!  I walked around the yard this evening and took pictures of the buds.  Most of them are buds, some are just young plants but they are still exciting to see.  I have a design chart for the landscaping around the house.  But not what is out in the yard.  That is why you see a few questions in my identifications.
Spirea, Bridal Wreath

 In case you are wondering, I consider rhubarb a vegetable.  A fruit comes from a flower that is germinated and produces an edible delicacy. Since we are eating the stalk of the plant, it is a vegetable and not a fruit.
 I love the smell of lilacs on a warm day.  Just please never bring them inside.  The strength of the smell is too overwhelming inside a building.
Crab Apple Tree?

Choke Cherry?



Sumac, Cut Leaf Staghorn

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