Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, April 17, 2016

A *POP* of color

As I was bringing the ducklings out today, I noticed that the first flower was blooming.  A pop of pink. I need to buy some more spring bulbs in the fall.  It is needed for our mental health in the springtime.
Hello Springtime!
We planted the radishes, carrots, and beets today.  The garden is smaller than what we are used to. So we will need to choose carefully what we decide to plant. I planted the radishes next to the carrots.  In two weeks a row of radishes will go 4 inches from the beets.  I forgot that I had the onion sets and garlic here and ready to plant.  There was so much on the to-do list for the day.
Garden planting has begun.
I did some more landscaping with wood chips today.  Then I went to St. Cloud to a friend's daughter's concert.  She is a Senior in high school and it was one of her last concerts.  They did a fabulous job!
On the way home I noticed that the sky was sending down sunbeams. "Blessings from God."  I pulled into a parking lot to take a picture but it's brilliance had diminished.  When I turned the car around to leave, I noticed that my rear-view mirror added a focus to the image and it changed the view closer to what my eye was seeing.  So with the car stopped, I snapped the picture.
God's Blessings
All the way home, watching the beautiful clouds and sun mixture, I had a great desire to paint.  I knew enough to know that I would not have time this evening to paint.  I need 3 day weekends to get everything done!

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