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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Blessed Day

Today was a slightly warmer day.  But it was still fairly windy.  We were putting up the new fencing and we're fighting the wind all the way. Dale is still laid up with his foot,  so two of my nephews came over to put up the fencing.    
Brothers: working on the fence 
While I was out there, I saw the duck leading the roosters out into the yard. It must have been a men's day out!
Duck leading the pack
After standing for several weeks, staring over the fence wanting the greener grass on the other side of the fence, they finally got into the new pasture. 
The grass is greener!
The calves weren't quite as excited about the new pasture.  They have had a lot of new in a fairly short time. While all of the animals were out in the pasture, their I side pens were cleaned out.
The calves checking out the fence-line
At the same time puddle boy, Isaac, helped me move the water for the animals so that we could move the gate. The tank was full and it splashed over quite a bit. Joking around Isaac started saying excitedly,  "puddle!"
Puddle boy - LOL
It isn't hard on the farm to find blessings around every corner.  This cat was walking back and forth around the duck.  Almost as if it was inviting it to "play with me".
Play time?
Then there are the chickens and roosters perched high in the barn.  I have a video of the big red one. I watched him as I walked by.  He was twisting and turning in a peculiar manner, it was hilarious.   He has always been a bit of a camera hog.
Whatcha up to, human?

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