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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Thank you Lord!

Do you stop to see the little miracles that God provides on a daily basis?  The mail had not arrived when I left to go do the deposit at church. The wind was gusting at over 45 miles per hour.

On the way back, I  thought "my picture was delivered today!" Sure enough, it was not only delivered but it was a little too long for the mailbox.  When I got out of the car, the mailbox door was open but the only thing inside was the orange package with the picture.

Somewhere deep inside I heard "walk across the yard." I started walking in front of the fence. It was then that I  saw an envelope. Each time I picked up an envelope, I spotted another one.  After picking up four envelopes I had everything visible in my hands.

Later on the afternoon I was looking out of the kitchen window. A piece of old cardboard flittered in the wind at the edge of the field. Somehow it was calling me, "you - hoo! Come over here!" So I did. About three feet away from the cardboard was another envelope. I walked down the edge of the field but didn't see any more mail.

Included in the first group of documents were vehicle insurance documents and a notice from my financial investor. The last document I found included my new health insurance cards. Thank you Lord  for guiding me to the important documents.  If there is anything else to find, please whisper in my ear again.

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