Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

More hours in the day?

After work this evening, the dogs and I went outside.  They were inside the fence and I was outside the fence. With a few days of rain,  I  knew that I  needed to attack the weeds.  They take over so fast in the spring.
It is exciting to see some of the plants that are coming up.  The spring flowers were no longer visible when we looked at the place late last summer.  I'm excited to see large quantities of lillies. 
Siberian Iris?
I'm not sure if this is Japanese irises or Siberian irises. I am guessing Siberian. It definitely needs to be split next fall.
Drama overhead
I had to stop in order to take a picture of the clouds. They were so dramatic! There is so much inspiration out here.
Sunset View
Wednesday evening, I had just finished chores when I  glanced out of the window to see the sun setting behind the barn.  Also, an inspirational site. I was thinking that I might try to create a water color of this view. Hmmm I think that I need more hours in the day! 

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