Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

It's only Tuesday?

Not to wish my life away but it feels like it should be later in the week. I woke up to news that it was going to be raining and snowing on and off throughout the day. That was sad news.
Soft Sunrise
Dale was snuggling with Skyler when he got up to go to work. He left Skyler curled up in a ball on his chair.  It wasn't long before he stretched out. He didn't look very comfortable. 
Lanky Skyler
He was totally worn out and sound asleep.  After taking the incriminating pictures,  I  moved him to the old couch where he normally sleeps.
Grandpa, your chair is too small
After work, I went outside to put up the Purple Martin houses.  I've heard rumors that some scouts have been seen as close as Hutchinson. It was so cold out when I was setting them up. It was the combination of low temperature,  wind and lack of sun which made the cold feel mentally and emotionally cold too.
Purple Martin Houses
To cheer myself up I went over to the garden where I planted over 100 bulbs last fall.  Most of the bulbs are coming up beautifully! A few more weeks and we should see blooms.  Doesn't the thought of spring tulips make you smile?!?

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