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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, April 15, 2016

Signs of Spring

I could hear the farmers on every side today out working the fields and planting. There is rain predicted for early next week and they are hoping to get the crops in before the rains begin.  As you can see, it's dry in the fields. 
Working up the land
When I get done with work I walked outside to see Dale sitting on a chair. He had constructed a small circular fenced-in area and put a storage container lid full of water down. Then he put the dogs inside. He was sitting watching the ducklings play.
Ducklings one day "pond"
We decided we need to construct a larger duck playpen for outside. We came up with a few ideas. That will be a weekend project for us.
Ducklings in play
This is our first year of having Purple Martin houses. Dale had picked up pine needles from under his aunt's trees. We were told to put pine needles on the bottom of the nests. 
Preparing Purple Martin houses
I thought I could hear the purple martins in the trees around. As we were raising up the houses, we thought we saw 3 flyover. We are hoping that we did the right thing. We removed the doors from the houses.
Purple Martin houses
After doing these few things, I went to the barn and did the chores. By the time I got inside it was almost 7:30. We hadn't even thought of eating supper yet. That is probably the biggest sign of spring. You get so busy outside you almost forget to eat supper.

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