Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, April 23, 2016

So much for relaxation ...

I tried something different today. I didn't have many stops to make today in St. Cloud so I locked up the house and left the Dobermans in the fenced in yard. I opened the back door to the garage in case they wanted to be under cover.
Playtime for ducklings and chics
As soon as I arrived home, I put the ducklings and chics outside.  They love picking the bugs out of grass. The ducklings enjoy the modified dog kennel for swimming around. We have a rock in there and one of the cement leaves that I created. 
Buddy's Fleece
I had picked up a section of the fleece from the the Shetland. I was planning on "picking" the fleece while I watched the ducklings and chics. Picking is the process that gets the large debris out while separating the fleece into smaller pieces for carding.  I got about 4 handfuls of fleece picked when a loud crack of thunder echoed above. It was a race to get the critters safely inside before the storm hit.
Circle of 100+ Tulips
The storm had passed in less than an hour. It was a lot of noise but only a trace of rain. I had to check out the tulips. I see a lot of buds! 
Flowers soon - here are the buds
There will be a lot of flowers this year.  But give it a few years and the garden will be so packed that I'll be giving away tulips! 

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