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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, April 4, 2016

Historical Treasurers

A bit of a surprise was uncovered as the guys worked on the new pasture fencing. As they started moving some of the trees that had fallen down, they found a man made tree; an old electrical pole.
Glass Insulator
At the top was a glass insulator that was in perfect condition.  I carefully removed it to discover the perfectly crafted threads for the insulator to be screwed onto.  The post below it had been worn with age while the threads stayed in perfect condition.
Post after glass insulator was removed
The other side also had a glass insulator on it but it was broken part way up.  I removed both of them. I need to find the tools to take the top crossbar off.  I think that portion too, should be preserved for posterity sake.
Top of the old electrical pole
There was also a white ceramic post that held the ground wire.  How did someone figure out that glass could be used to guide the wires and that a ceramic post could be used to appropriately guide the ground wire?
Ceramic ground

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