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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pontoon ride on lake Koronis

We took the pontoon out onto lake Koronis near Paynsville, Minnesota this morning.  Shortly after 7 AM I looked across the lake.  The thoughts that came through my mind was "The Glory of God shines down upon us."
Early Morning on the lake
The combination of the sun streaming out from behind the scattered clouds along with the stream of sunshine that sparkled back up off of the waves.  It was mesmerizing and peaceful! The girls and I just relaxed while Dale fished off the back of the pontoon.

As a painter, I had to take a close-up of the sparkle stream in the water.  The waves disrupted by the movement of the pontoon form an added texture to the water.  The shades of generally monotone colors made more distinct with the combination of sunshine and texture in the top of the water.  I love it!

Sun Sparkles landing in the waves
As we got close to the public landing, the water had calmed.  The highs and lows of the lake had created moss on some dead trees along the edge of the lake.  It caught my eye as a potential for a future painting with the reflections and textures along the shoreline.

The art of nature

The dogs enjoyed the ride.  We have been debating keeping or selling the pontoon.  Hopefully the two rides that we took this weekend, helped to prove that fishing with three Dobermans deserves a pontoon despite the difficulties landing it onto the lake.
Something is in the air!

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