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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, July 18, 2015

K thru 8

Thursday and Friday I was at the Rocking Horse Farm for knitting camp.  It was a little bit like being in a one room school house. I was the Kindergartener looking at my knitting machine for the first time.  There were also very experienced knitters continuing to learn.
Beginning Knitting (a practice swatch)
Jeanne and I worked together practicing a couple of techniques on a small swatch.  The woman across from us was making a lace cowl with beads (similar to a forever scarf). 
Advanced Lace making
I kept reminding myself that I needed to learn to walk before I could run.  But this is the reason that I purchased the machine.  I have two lace sweaters that I wear over the top of my other shirts to dress them up.  One of them is burgundy and the other one is brown and cream.  I've been looking for black and royal blue and since I can't find them, I guess that I'm going to need to make them myself.  
Baby Blanket
We made a baby blanket together.  We still need to make a boarder that will frame out the piece.  Jeanne might crochet that as a boarder.  It all depends on if we can find more time together to work on it.  We finished this by 3 PM of day one.
Two sock blanks
I worked alone for the rest of the afternoon.  In the last 2 1/2 hours I finished two sock blanks.  It was a bit challenging because I was knitting two threads together.  I had to set my needles to knit two skip one for the full width of the project.  It was a basic knit pattern just like walking to a toddler.
Ribbing tool
The machine that I purchased also had a ribbing tool.  I decided to practice ribbing by making a pair of socks.  Between machine problems and inexperience, it took me all day to complete a pair of socks.  I thought that was terrible.  Then I was gently reminded that I was a beginner, a kindergartener.  Socks begin with ribbing, change over to straight knitting, then have a special process that is done for the heal and toe.  I was jumping leaps and bounds.  I might not be running yet, but I learned a lot.  It will be a month before I can practice again, maybe more.  Lord, help me remember what I did!
Machine knit socks
We had a great time at the knitting camp.  One thing that was difficult for me to overcome was that although some of the others there were students learning new things, they were also good resources as instructors for me.  I had a difficult time knowing who was able and willing to help. (Part of that is that for some reason I like to learn the hard way by figuring it out!) They were a wonderful group of women with big hearts and a lot of encouragement. 
The next event is September 18th & 19th, 2015.  It is called September Seminar: A celebration of machine knitting. 

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