Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hugs, Hands and Heaven Help Hank

I am anxiously waiting to hear back from a publisher about this story that my father and I wrote together. My father lost three wives within ten years to three different kinds of cancer ... cancer with capital C! He now has stage four colon cancer. He has decided to let me share his story (with all the names changed.)

"Everyone walks their own path in life. There are hardships that come from our own free will and the free will of others. Every life is as unique as a snowflake. Even with all of that, there are times when some lives seem to stick out. The hardships in Hank' s life stood out to those around him.

Or was it how Hank handled his hardships that stood out so much?"

Keep an eye out for updates on the publication of "Hugs, Hands and Heaven Help Hank!" The title reflects people's reactions to my father after the loss of each wife at least from his perspective at the time. Time has changed that perspective and this book will show you how much.

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