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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How is the garden growing?

Green!  I have shared a few things that I've cooked from the garden.  I definitely love it when the garden is producing food for the meals.  I just walk out pick what is ripe and create a meal around what is available.
North end of Garden
Last year I took photos from the alley side.  This year I stood up by my neighbors door and took pictures down into the garden.  The guys insist on planting the rows far enough apart so that they can till between the rows.  It still takes each of us a couple hours a week of weeding close to the bases.
South end of garden
My sassy men chose to purchase kohlrabi plants instead of planting by seed.  I planted by seed and started them indoors.  It was a good choice.  This week we are picking the last of the kohlrabi.  There are about ten left in the garden.  I have blanched and frozen a few.  I hope that it works.
2nd planting kohlrabi
Ready, set, zucchini!  It will be coming out of my ears in just a few weeks.  So far, I am getting just enough to use in stir frying and baking.
The tomatoes are still small and green but the plants are large and bending the metal cages that are there to support them.  Once they start ripening it will be time for salsa!  I just need to decide what to put in mine to make it interesting.
Tomato plants
I think that it might be time to pick another head of cabbage.  But looking at the next few days I don't think that I will have time to cook it up and we aren't going any where to take that much coleslaw.  They just keep getting bigger (and better).  But at some point there will be too much to be able to use.
Cabbage plants

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