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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Blue Fish

The six of us team members went out for supper tonight.  We let Mike choose and he knows that there are several of that love sushi.  So he chose a restaurant that we've eaten at before.  We went to The Blue Fish on Washington in Houston, Texas.
Miso Soup
The Miso soup was fabulous.  Mike ordered the rolls for all of us to share.  He did an excellent job choosing.  Look at this individual piece!  It looks good enough to eat!
In the shape of a lobster with an actual lobster tail was this beautiful mega lobster sushi.  Intermingled between the pieces of sushi was deep-fried lobster and it absolutely melted in my mouth! 
Lobster Roll
There were six of us and several of the individual choices had 2-4 pieces of sushi.  So not everyone was able to try all of the pieces.  
They served Pot stickers steamed, deep fried or pan fried.  In the attempt to stay as healthy as possible, we ordered them steamed.  They weren't quite as flavorful as the fried varieties but they were pretty good.
Pot sticker
As with all foods when they hit America, they become a little bit Americanized.  This sushi roll was very flavorful but VERY spicy.  Okay, yes I eat pickled ginger and wasabi which will clear out the sinuses.  But this roll was a different kind of spice.  
Cajun Style
I put a piece of this roll onto my plate.  A little piece fell off and I lifted it up to my mouth. I spit it out before anyone saw me and I gave away the portion that had not been touched to someone else at the table.  The rice that I stuck into my mouth had the flavor of bell peppers - and I don't need to be sick when I'm getting ready to travel home.
....bummer with bell peppers
This last roll was beautiful and flavorful but the pink in the center was an odd texture.  I had a couple of pieces and I had to add wasabi and ginger in order to get over the texture.  I had to laugh a little because they brought the food over about a 90 minute time frame so that the table would not get over-crowded.  We were hungry and making six people wait then feeding them just a little at a time made it a bit challenging for everyone to get an equal amount.  
Not sure what this was but it was good
This restaurant was over crowded.  It is not is a good location but the food is SO GOOD that the location doesn't matter.  They are busy almost everyday of the week!  If you ever have the chance, stop in and have a few sushi rolls. 

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