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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Friday, July 10, 2015

People watching ...

Traveling is such a fun time for people watching.  I asked permission to take a picture of the two pairs of glasses that this woman sported on the top of her head.
The new glass case
She said that her kids give her a hard time.  But she needs one pair for close up and the other for distance.  I do need to note that she was not using either when she worked on her computer. 
"If you can read this, roll me over"

This jeep reminded me of my nieces and nephews.  You would think that the sticker was a joke with the exception that there is a very long jack mounted across the hood.  I am not sure that the jack was actually functioning but it made me laugh. 
Full plane and 2 overhead bags? RUDE!
I fly Southwest.  You can check 2 bags FREE per person and still take two carry on items. One in the overhead bin and one under the seat.  Two suitcases for the overhead bins is just being rude! I hope that he is forced to put one under his seat. Both flights that I was on today were 100% booked with waiting lists.  I guess that it just pushed my buttons to see this person ahead of me with two cases for the overhead bins.  At least he went towards the back of the plane.

A few things that I saw and did not take pictures of:  There was a woman at Midway Airport in Chicago wearing 4-5 inch heals and a short-short dress.  The style of the dress along with her long starched hair and excessive make up yelled "look at me!" and not in a good way.  She was attracting looks from so many men and not in a good way.  Then 5 days later at the same airport, there was a woman about my size that was walking through the airport with a strapless shirt on that looked like it was from the late 70's or early 80's.  But if I remember right, then we wore the strapless shirts pulled off the shoulder and hers was pulled up under her armpits.  The third people watching event was me on the trip to Houston on Monday.  A little boy excitedly told his dad "LOOK an M&M!" as he pointed to me.  I was wearing my blue shorts and brown M&M mars t-shirt. 

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