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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Check out every corner ....

...when you look at a new home.  Okay the this beautiful longhorn wasn't in the house. And there were two walls and a feeding trough between us so I couldn't tell you if it was a cow or bull.  But we would put a couple of beef cattle in that section of the barn.
Longhorn Cattle in Minnesota?
My sheep (a wether) would be able to come down to the farm and possibly with another ram. That will probably max out our pasture area.  .... silly me, talking like we have an accepted offer.  We haven't even made an offer yet.
Look at that horn!  Oh o!  It's keeping a close eye on me!
Looking for a place in the country.  Perfect will be 15-40 acres but 5 acres will do if it is a descent 5 acres.  Today we looked at a place with several out buildings and a pasture that is already fenced in.  It is currently split into 3 sections which is nice.  There is a "two car garage" that I could visualize being modified into a two story art studio in the future.  The house is a five bedroom house with large rooms.  So until I outgrow the extra space, the 17.5 X 12 foot bedroom will work as an art studio.  There is a very spacious attic that can be used for extra storage.  The basement is an old fashioned basement that should never be "finished", needs a dehumidifier running in it and can also work okay for extra storage. 

But the first floor and 2nd floor have been recently updated.  Too bad when they completed the update that they didn't take a few feet off from one of the large bedrooms and create a shower on the second floor.  I wonder why?  They seem to have thought of everything else. 

Pray for guidance.  I am very interested in this place.  Like everything there are many pros and cons.  It would be nice to know that others are praying for me during this decision process.

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