Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Rose isn't always just a Rose

Part of the upcoming book, "Hugs, Hands and Heaven Help Hank" has some quotes from a journal.  In that journal, was a very simple yet profound entry on June 3, 1991.  The writer had cut a picture out of a magazine of a rose and had it taped onto the page.  I can't use that picture because I don't know where it came from so I can't get the copy-write approval needed. 
I am brain-storming different options.  In Houston last week, I walked by a rose garden in various stages of blooming.  I didn't have much time but I snapped a couple of pictures. Later, I took my favorite picture and converted it to black and white.  To keep costs down, I don't want to put a colored picture in the middle of a book.
Shown below is what it would look like.  What do you think?  My view is tainted by the original picture which means this is going to be a difficult decision for me.

June 3, 1991

Foggy and humid but cool at 8:30 AM

“Some people complain that God put thorns on Roses. While others praise Him for putting Roses among thorns.”
Thank you Lord for the roses!

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