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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hello Sunshine!

Last Friday evening when I got home, I was welcomed by sunshine reflecting up from the garden.   The black-eyed Suzie's have come in thick in a few areas.  Every year at the same times so absolutely reliably the garden changes from one color to the next.  The whites and blues are fading and the yellows and browns are coming into view.  They are little balls of sunshine!
Black-eyed Suzie is watching for you
I planted several sunflowers last year.  I left them up late into the fall for the birds to nibble away at the seeds.  Evidentially, they dropped one and it decided to take root.  A weed is a flower out of place.  I decided that this one was in a good place.  There was a second one nearby but it was a casualty of the paint job.  I planted several replacements but it might have been too late in the season for them to bloom.  
Giant Sunflower
As I look at this garden this fall, I am looking at it differently.  IF we decide to make an offer on a farm this week, then I will need to remove the self-seeding perennials quickly and dig up the rest of the perennials this fall and plant grass seed.  The person interested in buying the house for a rental property would prefer not to have the entire front of the house as gardens.  I can understand that with a rental. There is a lot more to do than just packing the interior.  

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