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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Monday, December 22, 2014

Milkweed Pod Decoration

Dried Milkweed Pods
Last fall I picked some milkweed pods after they had popped open.  I allowed them to dry naturally. 
Milk Pods Painted Glossy White
Then I dipped them glossy white paint and allowed them to hang dry. The only glossy paint the hardware store had was oil based.  It covered in one dip but it took several days to dry.
The only choice in the store....but it works!
The next step was to spray silver glitter onto the back.   Again I let it dry overnight. Then I dry - brushed it with gold.  (Dry  brush means that you put paint on the brush and paint a piece of newspaper until the brush is almost dry then you paint something that is raised.) The back of the milkweed Pod is naturally rough and provides a texturally interesting piece. 
Silver (glitter) & Gold
Once it was totally dry, I glued in some moss and a miniature bird. After the glue dried,  it was ready to hang in the tree.
Finished Cardinal Decoration
I took pictures from a couple of angles. It is best to hang it on a place that allows it to turn around as it hangs.
Finished Cardinal Decoration

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