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Coming Soon: Free Book
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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Mischievous Misty Blue and the Patchwork Pillow

Yesterday I bought a new pillow bed for the girls.  The trunk was full so I stuffed the pillow on the floor between the front and back seat.  When I came back from one of my errands, I found the brand new pillow totally torn apart.  I asked the girls individually if they did it.  Normally, you can tell when a dog is guilty.  But none of them showed the signs. 
Pillow Fight
There are a few possibilities. They all had their fare share of fun in the pillow fight.  Misty was "nesting" and in trying to move the pillow it kept ripping.  Misty was in her mischievous mode and took it out on the pillow.  It doesn't matter.  It took me several hours this afternoon but I have it put back together.  Dale had this old sheet that he cut eye holes in to scare the girls at Halloween.  I used it to create an inner pillow.  The odd patch was where the holes were.  The pillow was so big that I couldn't avoid them.
New Inner Pillow
The outer pillow needed some patches desperately.  I get picked on because I don't throw things away.  But today, it came in handy.  I was able to save the pillow and hopefully reinforce it so that it will last if there is another pillow fight.
New Outer Pillow

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