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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


What is a holiday? The most common definitions are as follows:
... days of observance, a leave of absence or a trip, leave from employment.

What got me thinking about holidays?  At work today, I received an email with the 2015 holidays.  My company is very liberal with holidays which is a nice perk.  As I read the letter and looked over the listing of days off, I saw something that I frequently overlook. 

We pronounce holiday hol-i-dey
We pronounce Holy  hoh-lee
We pronounce holly  hol-ee

I heard a speaker once refer to being Holy as being set apart from or different from.... the speaker was talking about Christians making sure that they were set apart from the bad things of this world to receive blessing from God.  The work list of holidays are days that are set apart from work while receiving the blessing of a day of pay for that day.  My entire take on this is that we should either spell it holliday or pronounce it hoh-li-dey.

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