Coming Soon: Free Book

Coming Soon: Free Book
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Awwww December cheer!

I glanced up from my studies today and I saw Sonia trying to get her body in as much sunshine as she could manage.  But in order to get that she almost pushed herself off from the couch.  It made me giggle.  She figured it out a few minutes later.  She got off from the couch in order to turn herself around safely.
Top: Sonjia Bottom: Misty Blue
Then she was back at peace and napping with her face in the sunshine.  Awww to have the dogs life, they play hard and sleep a lot.  It is fun to have them around.  They add so much peace in a stressful day.
Sonjia enjoying a sunny nap
Misty is forever sleeping sitting up.  She seems to like to sit on the couch like a people.  Then suddenly I see her head bobbing.  She reminds me of my nieces and nephews when they were toddlers.  They wanted to take a nap but at the same time the did everything they could including sing to themselves to stay awake.
Acting like a people: Misty Blue
Just like a human toddler, she finally gave in and laid down.  She didn't actually nap in that position but rested for a few minutes and repositioned herself into a reasonable napping position.
Misty Blue
It has been so cold the last couple of weeks that the girls haven't gotten as much exercise as they normally would.  I saw on the weather report that they are talking about warmer weather for the next two weeks (35-50 degrees F).  I can't wait!

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